Collection: Mezcal Origen Raíz

Mezcal Origen Raíz - Origen Raíz is a mezcal produced by the Saravia and Cortés families at the Vinata El Ojo in the region of Malpaís de la Breña. The mezcal is made using traditional methods and is crafted with much love and respect for the environment.

The Saravia family manages the ranch where the mezcal is produced, and they are committed to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem through sustainable wildlife management practices. The ranch has been certified with the Management Unit for the Conservation and Use of Wildlife, which allows for sustainable wildlife use.

The mezcal is made using traditional knowledge passed down from Don Valentín Cortés, and the resulting product is a tribute to the cultural heritage and natural beauty of the region.

Origen Raíz mezcal is a testament to the commitment of the Saravia and Cortés families to producing high-quality, sustainable mezcal that respects the environment and the traditions of the region.