Collection: Mezcal Hechizo

Mezcal Hechizo - At Hechizo, we are a company dedicated to manufacturing and marketing agave distillates, always considering the best quality in our products. Our vision is to provide distillates of excellence to Mexico and the world.

We are proudly from Tlacolula de Matamoros Oaxaca, where traditions are part of daily life. The market, food, parties, and our family make our home a special place. Salvadores Mezcal is a family business, and we want to pay tribute to our ancestors by rescuing the tradition of making mezcal. Every time we share our mezcal, we share a part of our home and family.

The mezcal is made with the agave stalk once the plant reaches its maturity; it can take between 6 and 8 years to acquire the sugars needed for the proper performance of the agaves at the cooking time.