Collection: Mezcal Don Mateo

Mezcal Don Mateo - The Legacy Lives On

A Tradition Since 1840

Embark on a taste journey that dates back to 1840 with Mezcal Don Mateo. Crafted by the 6th generation of Mezcaleros masters, this artisan mezcal hails from Michoacán, a region known for its mezcal excellence. Immerse yourself in the family's rich legacy, carried forth by their unwavering commitment to traditional production techniques.

Unveiling Unique Flavors

Mezcal Don Mateo specializes in working with endemic Agave species from Michoacán, lending the spirit unparalleled flavor complexities. Revel in each sip's richness—a mesmerizing blend of citrus, earth, and smoke. It's not just mezcal; it's a tribute to the unique terroir of Michoacán.

The Spirit of Don Mateo Rangel

Named after Mateo Rangel, a great-grandparent of the Vieyra family and a tenacious man who fought for social causes, Mezcal Don Mateo embodies the spirit of courage and integrity. Celebrate the ethos of a remarkable man as you sip this exquisite spirit preserved for generations.