Collection: Gran Coronel Tequila

At Gran Coronel Tequila, we are inheritors of a craft tradition that starts with the comprehensive care of the agaves that come from our growing framed within the agave landscape, recognized as World Heritage, and within the Altos de Jalisco triangle.

Our agaves grow naturally for more than nine years until our field technicians determine their optimal moment of ripeness.

The four-step elaboration process, which includes the exclusive utilization of our yeasts, is based in the techniques developed over generations by the well-renowned family of tequila makers, the Dávalos family.

We are environmentally conscious and fertilize our field by recycling the bagasse remaining from the productive process.

That is why Gran Coronel tequila elaborates on Mexico's premium 100% agave tequilas, unique in the world thanks to its double quality control, careful elaboration, and unique and special flavor.

NOM 1480