Collection: Fidencio Mezcal

Fidencio Mezcal - Focused on making exquisite mezcals that are expressive of terroir and Mezcalero, using only estate-grown Espadín and responsibly sourced wild agave. Established in 2007 as a partnership between 4th generation Maestro Mezcalero Enrique Jimenez, Hotelier Amy Hardy, and Restaurateur Arik Torren.

The brand is named for Fidencio Jimenez, Enrique’s great-grandfather and the first Mezcalero in his lineage.

Fidencio Spirits started in 2007 when co-founders Amy Hardy and Arik Torren decided to launch a mezcal brand. That summer we met Enrique Jimenez and in 2009 launched Fidencio Mezcal. With massive dedication, we established Fidencio and began our journey. Unknown to us at the time, we would end up playing a significant role in the building of Mexican spirits categories in the US.

In terms of global sales, mezcal was tiny. But, in terms of flavor, diversity, terroir, heritage, and makers, traditional Mexican spirits have enormous breadth and depth. This has been one of our most inspirational motivators and is something we are honored to share. A pivotal moment occurred in 2012 when Fidencio Spirits connected with La Venenosa to launch the first Raicilla in the United States. This next step can be defined as ‘Fidencio Spirits Import Company,’ which led us down a path as a growing US importer and spirits guide for a rapidly growing market.

With our team expanding we are now representing 9 brands with 26 amazing Maestros from 11 states who work with 30 unique types of agave and sotol and span 10 unique categories. Wow, what a dream!