Collection: El Cristiano Tequila

El Cristiano Tequila  - El Cristiano is the world's most delicious and additive-free tequila, made by third-generation master tequila makers from the finest Jalisco highlands blue agave.​A small group conceived El Cristiano of friends passionate about tequila and Mexico. With over four decades of experience in the tequila industry, we look forward to introducing you to our "family, el Cristiano."

El Cristiano is dedicated to making pure tequila with no additives (95% of tequila today has sugars or thickeners added). With a high focus on harvesting only mature agave, aged at least six years and of a certain size, we have eliminated any need for additives that change the true essence of 100% highlands blue weber agave.​85% of all tequila brands add either sugar, flavor, and color or all of them to make their tequila taste better to their customer.

Our traditional process has been perfected over generations with zero additives and no compromise or shortcut.

El Cristiano tequila begins with mature agaves combined with our proprietary yeast in the fermentation process to develop earthily. Yet, sweet cooked agave notes blend with the fruity citrus notes in Los Altos agaves. This traditional process gives el Cristiano a naturally balanced and clean profile, with notes of caramelized agave and fruits such as pear and citrus.

 NOM 1499