DON AMADO MEZCAL: A Legacy of Craftsmanship, a Pinnacle of Flavor

Nestled in the highlands of southern Mexico, the illustrious Arellanes family carries on a distilling tradition that has flourished since the late 1700s. With eleven generations of unbroken focus on mezcal creation, Don Amado Mezcal stands as an epitome of both craftsmanship and innovative spirit.

A Lineage of Excellence 

Over two centuries of continual mezcal distillation have culminated in a spirit that is as complex as it is approachable. Each sip of Don Amado transports you through time, letting you taste the rich history and family heritage that has shaped this remarkable mezcal.

Authentic Ingredients, Traditional Methods

The authenticity of Don Amado begins with earthen-roasted maguey hearts, lending a robust, earthy flavor that serves as the brand's hallmark. After crushing, these maguey hearts are fermented with their piña fibers, creating a mash imbued with rich maguey character. This intricate process allows the spirit to maintain a luscious complexity and depth of flavor.

Double Distillation in Ceramic Clay Pots

Further elevating its taste, Don Amado is double-distilled in small, traditional ceramic clay pots. This antique method has been passed down through generations, ensuring a mezcal of unparalleled purity and richness.

Aged to Perfection

For those seeking a more refined experience, Don Amado offers aged varieties that are matured in American oak casks, previously used for barreling Pedro Domecq brandy. This unique aging process imparts additional layers of complexity and a beautiful, oaky finish.


  • Crafted by the Eleven-Generation Arellanes Family
  • Earthen-Roasted Maguey Hearts for Authentic Flavor
  • Double Distilled in Traditional Ceramic Clay Pots
  • Aged Varieties in American Oak Casks
  • Legendary Commitment to Craftsmanship and Experimentation

DON AMADO MEZCAL is more than a beverage; it's a journey through a lineage of masterful distillers dedicated to pursuing perfection. Join the journey and relish a mezcal that is, without question, a timeless classic in the world of spirits.

Experience the Culmination of Generations: Savor DON AMADO MEZCAL Today!