Collection: Cazadores Tequila

In the heart of Jalisco, a region renowned for its prime agave-growing conditions, the legend of Tequila CAZADORES® comes to life. Born in 1922, its name has become an emblem of authenticity, craftsmanship, and environmental responsibility.

Central to this tequila is the 100% Blue Agave – a hallmark of purity and the true essence of tequila. The commitment of CAZADORES® to excellence is evident in each stage of its meticulous seven-step production process. Through a precise sequence of double fermentation, double distillation, and an attentive maturation process, all under the guardianship of their Maestro Tequilero, CAZADORES® ensures every sip is imbued with tradition and spirit.

While the brand reveres its age-old recipe, it is also forward-looking. The modern production techniques adopted by CAZADORES® mirror the rising global demand for their tequila and their steadfast pledge to the environment. By championing a fully sustainable and zero-waste methodology, CAZADORES® not only delights tequila aficionados across the globe but also protects the environment for the next generation.

Tequila CAZADORES® represents a storied past, a bright future, and a timeless taste that continues to captivate.

NOM 1487