Collection: Catedral De Mi Padre Mezcal

Catedral De Mi Padre Mezcal is a visionary brand that invites you to "Sip Spiritually" and experience mezcal like never before. Founded by a passionate father-daughter duo, the brand sets out to revolutionize the US mezcal market by offering a diverse range of six varieties of mezcal, each crafted by different skilled mezcaleros. This unique approach celebrates the artisans' talents and pays homage to mezcal's significant role in Mexican culture.

The brand's mission is to provide exceptional mezcal and foster a deep connection with the local communities they collaborate with. Sustainability and local partnerships lie at the core of their business model, making them committed to supporting the environment and the people involved in mezcal production.

Catedral De Mi Padre Mezcal believes in building authentic relationships and promoting innovation within the local communities. By doing so, they aim to share the magical mezcal experience with the world, capturing its essence and cultural significance. As you savor their mezcal, you become part of a larger narrative, embracing the unique traditions and craftsmanship of each bottle.

With a reverence for the art of mezcal-making and a commitment to preserving its legacy, Catedral Mezcal invites you to embark on a mindful and transformative journey with every sip, discovering the true essence of Mexico's mezcal culture.