Collection: Casa Legacia Tequila

Casa Legacia Tequila is a brand dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich Mexican heritage of Tequila and Mezcal with the world. Founded by Sandra Luquin, who developed a passion for her legacy and the traditional distillation processes, Casa Legacia aims to provide authentic Mexican distillates to a global audience.

Sandra Luquin's inspiration to create Casa Legacia came during her travels to various countries, including London, while pursuing a Master's Degree in Law. Despite encountering diverse cultures and cuisines, she noticed a significant absence of authentic Mexican food and the iconic 100% agave distillates like tequila and mezcal.

Driven by her deep appreciation for the art of tequila-making and a desire to represent her legacy, Sandra trained as a Maestra Tequilera. After more than a decade of experience in the industry, she established Casa Legacia Tequila, which reflects her passion, effort, dedication, and love for the craft.

Casa Legacia offers a range of premium tequilas, each showcasing unique flavors and characteristics:

  1. Casa Legacia Tequila Blanco: This expression presents enticing aromas of cooked agave, fresh herbs, and a subtle hint of pepper. It embodies the true essence of tequila's purest form, unaged and raw.

  2. Casa Legacia Anejo Tequila: With a robust body and a smooth palate, this tequila boasts a harmonious blend of flavors, including notes of vanilla, wood, nuts, cooked agave, and caramel. It is aged to perfection to develop its rich and complex profile.

  3. Casa Legacia Extra Añejo: Aged for an impressive 36 months in barrels, this tequila offers a full-bodied experience. It predominantly features oak notes, reflecting the extended aging process, which results in a sophisticated and refined tequila.

Casa Legacia's commitment to quality and preserving the essence of traditional Mexican distillation methods makes it a brand that truly embodies the soul of Tequila and Mezcal, making it a delightful choice for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

NOM 1459