Collection: Casa Legacia Tequila

Casa Legacia Tequila - Casa Legacia is committed to bringing the sophisticated Mexican heritage of Tequila and Mezcal to the world.

In 2001, while traveling to London to study for a Master’s Degree in Law, Sandra Luquin found that despite the different nationalities and cultural diversity not only in London but in the countries of the world she had explored, traveled, and lived in, there was a great absence – of authentic Mexican food and the 100% agave distillates so representative of Mexico such as tequila and mezcal.

Sandra has developed a very special taste for her legacy, its history, and its elaboration process. And with great effort, dedication, and love for the art of tequila, she trained as a Maestra Tequilera, and after more than ten years of experience, Casa Legacía began to form a business profile.

NOM 1459