Collection: Benesin Artesanal Mezcal

Benesin Artesanal Mezcal - Benesin is a hand-crafted, small-batch mezcal produced in the small mountain village of San Juan Del Rio, Oaxaca, where indigenous farmers have grown and harvested the finest agave for generations. Efrain Nolasco, a master distiller from San Juan Del Rio, learned the art and tradition of mezcal production from his father and grandfather. Generations of passion and precision have led to the creation of Benesin mezcal, an award-winning mezcal produced by the Nolasco family and the indigenous people of San Juan del Rio.

Efrain Nolasco first created the Benesin brand in 2007. After the tequila boom of the 1990s caused the local agave to lose value and the economy to crash, Efrian started Benesin to help create jobs for the people of his town. He emigrated to the United States to pursue the American dream in 1987. Still, he felt a calling to return in 2000 to help his people find a way to make a living by doing what they know best: farming agave and producing mezcal.

The Benesin brand is dedicated to introducing indigenous cultures and mezcal spirits to the world while paying mezcal producers a livable wage and showing them the respect they deserve for all the hard work, time, and patience in making this spirit to be enjoyed across the globe.