Collection: Batanga Tequila

Batanga Tequila is a premium spirit crafted with utmost care and dedication, following traditional methods that have been cherished for generations. Made exclusively from 100% blue Weber agave, our tequila captures the essence of Mexico's rich tequila heritage.

To create Batanga Tequila, our skilled jimadors carefully hand-harvest the mature agave piñas from the Orendain estate, located in and around Tequila, Mexico. These piñas are renowned for their exceptional quality and flavor. The agave piñas are then cooked in traditional-style masonry brick ovens, where they undergo a delicate process of caramelizing sugars. This cooking method imparts subtle hints of cinnamon, clove, and other inviting spices, enhancing the complexity of the final product.

After cooking, the agave piñas release their "mosto," a sweet liquid that undergoes fermentation. Our master distillers oversee the fermentation process, ensuring the optimal conversion of sugars into alcohol while preserving the agave's unique characteristics. The fermented liquid is then double distilled to refine and purify the spirit, resulting in a tequila with a crisp, bright finish that delights tequila enthusiasts near and far.

Batanga Tequila proudly bears the legacy of the Orendain family, one of the founding families of the tequila industry. Their expertise and commitment to quality shine through in every bottle of Batanga Tequila. As a 100% blue Weber agave tequila, it exemplifies the authentic flavors and traditions associated with this iconic Mexican spirit.

NOM 1110