Collection: Antigua Cruz Tequila

Introducing Antigua Cruz Tequila, a remarkable Ultra Premium tequila unlike any other in the world. Born in the Altos de Jalisco tequila region, within the revered and coveted lands of Arandas Jalisco, Mexico, Antigua Cruz embodies the essence of excellence and craftsmanship.

In crafting our tequila, we start with the highest quality Blue Agave, sourced from the finest plants. Each agave is meticulously chosen at the precise moment of its maturity, ensuring the utmost quality and flavor in every bottle. This careful selection process is a testament to our commitment to producing a tequila of unparalleled excellence.

Antigua Cruz Tequila pays homage to the rich traditions of tequila-making, fusing them with the sophistication of contemporary Mexico. The result is a tequila that harmoniously blends the authenticity of its heritage with the refinement of modern craftsmanship. Every sip embodies the spirit of Mexico's tequila culture, offering a taste experience that is both classic and contemporary.

As a 100% Pure Agave Ultra Premium tequila, Antigua Cruz represents the pinnacle of quality and purity. Made solely from premium agave, it ensures a smooth and exceptional drinking experience that can be savored on its own or enjoyed in a variety of cocktails. From sipping to mixing, our tequila elevates every moment and celebration.

Indulge in the extraordinary taste of Antigua Cruz Tequila. Experience the artistry and passion that go into creating this exceptional Ultra Premium line. Allow the flavors to transport you to the enchanting landscapes of Arandas Jalisco, where tradition and sophistication intertwine to create an unparalleled tequila experience. Cheers to the epitome of excellence with Antigua Cruz Tequila 100% Pure Agave Ultra Premium Line.

NOM 1460