Collection: Afamado Tequila

Tequila Afamado is presented in ceramic bottles, handmade by Mexican artisans, and in 'Glass Craft' Edition. Handmade, using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. This ensures that the true flavor of tequila is preserved and that each bottle contains the essence of Mexico's deep-rooted traditions.

The agave used in Tequila Afamado is grown in the birthplace of agave, Amatitán Jalisco, where the agave landscape is reflected in every bottle. As a product of the region,

Tequila Afamado is protected by the Designation of Origin, ensuring that only tequila produced in this region can be labeled as Tequila Afamado. The Tequila Tres Mujeres Factory, where Tequila Afamado is produced, is recognized under the official NOM 1466, which ensures that the tequila is produced according to strict quality standards.

With its deep roots in Mexican traditions and the use of handmade production methods, Tequila Afamado is a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.